PRC’s & Fingerprinting

The RCMP has closed a loophole in the PRC procedure that basically also checks your birthdate against that of known offenders.  If there’s a hit, even if the name is different you’ll be asked for your finger-prints.  You can read the full article at  The prediction is that the new process can take up to 120 days if fingerprints are required.  We have been told that the police will not charge volunteers to do the fingerprinting if their birthdate matches that of a known pardoned sexual offender.

However, if a person has a ‘hit’ on their PRC in order to get a copy of that PRC they will need to complete and pay for fingerprinting.

What that means to us, as Scouts Canada volunteers, is that we need to start the renewal process early, as in 4-5 months before they expire, and for new volunteers, they MUST get in immediately to get the process started.  Group Commissioners are advised to run a PRC report to look out for expiring PRCs that will need to be renewed.

Remember, new volunteers cannot work with the Youth until their PRC is returned and clean.

If we find a way to help the process we will pass it along, but for now – getting it done sooner rather than later is the only way.

Yours In Scouting,
Bill Kowalchyk
Deputy Area Commissioner – Communications
Scouts Canada, Burlington Area

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