Burlington Area

Area Fundraising Coordinator

Burlington Area is extremely pleased to announce the appointment of Terri Thouless to the position of Burlington Area Fund Raising Coordinator 2010-2011.
Terri has an extensive background in fund raising and looks forward to all Area Fund Raising efforts increasing their return to the Groups by 10%.  Her immediate attention will be Scout Popcorn, so look for the Burlington Scout Popcorn Introduction announcement.
Terri will also be the Area Contact for Apple Day, Scoutrees and any other Group Fund Raising that has to be approved by Area.  If you have any announcements or opportunities related to this and any other fund raising event, drop Terri an email at terri.thouless@ca.mcd.com

PRC’s & Fingerprinting

The RCMP has closed a loophole in the PRC procedure that basically also checks your birthdate against that of known offenders.  If there’s a hit, even if the name is different you’ll be asked for your finger-prints.  You can read the full article at http://www.cbc.ca/politics/story/2010/07/30/rcmp-security-checks.html.  The prediction is that the new process can take up to 120 days if fingerprints are required.  We have been told that the police will not charge volunteers to do the fingerprinting if their birthdate matches that of a known pardoned sexual offender.

However, if a person has a ‘hit’ on their PRC in order to get a copy of that PRC they will need to complete and pay for fingerprinting.

What that means to us, as Scouts Canada volunteers, is that we need to start the renewal process early, as in 4-5 months before they expire, and for new volunteers, they MUST get in immediately to get the process started.  Group Commissioners are advised to run a PRC report to look out for expiring PRCs that will need to be renewed.

Remember, new volunteers cannot work with the Youth until their PRC is returned and clean.

If we find a way to help the process we will pass it along, but for now – getting it done sooner rather than later is the only way.

Yours In Scouting,
Bill Kowalchyk
Deputy Area Commissioner – Communications
Scouts Canada, Burlington Area

31st Burlington Honoured

The Turnbull family strongly believes it is important that as many Canadians as possible meet and share outdoor experiences while learning the valuable skills of teamwork and self-reliance. To this end, the Turnbull Family Scout Challenge will reward troops that demonstrate initiative in conceiving an adventure, organizational skills in planning the adventure and small team skills in completing the adventure. Two troops will be awarded up to $2,500.00 each.

Congratulations to the 2010 recipient of the Turnbull Family Adventure Award, 31st Burlington Troop.  31st Burlington has planned an expedition to Killarney Park.  Their expedition will include a 5 day canoe and hiking trip through the western section of Killarney Provincial Park.  They will be travelling a portion of a known fur trading route to Shebahonaning, (now known as the town of Killarney). The Troop will be conducting a water survey, recording the pH of water samples along the trip route and discussing the effects of Acid Rain on the ecosystem.  A one day hike up Silver Peak is scheduled to experience the unique geography in the park made famous by the Group of Seven.  In promoting the scouting movement, members will be interviewing people they meet throughout the expedition.

Challenge Guidelines

1. The challenge must be based on Scouts researching and then retracing a route of historical significance. The troop must research and describe in some detail the role the route played in the development of Canada. EXAMPLES: canoe a part of the fur trade route; hike a route covered by some early settlers; cycle a portion of an abandoned rail line used to open up parts of the country.

2. The challenge must be at least four (4) days from start to finish.

3. The challenge must include some type of community service component. EXAMPLES: stream clean up; trail maintenance; trail inventory submission to TrailsCanada.

4. The challenge should include meeting youth/Scouting members from other cultural communities along the way.

5. Within 30 days of completion of the Challenge, a basic log, including pictures and daily journal entries, must be submitted.


The Challenge is open to all Scouts from every end of the country. There is no need to have high mountains, raging waters or a large budget. It will fit nicely into the regular programming that most troops follow.

To apply, simply have the troop members (Court of Honour/Patrol Leaders) submit a plan meeting all of the above guidelines and including: contact information, budget, historical background of the trip and anticipated completion dates, no later than May 1st to:

The Turnbull Family Scout Challenge
c/o Scouts Canada Foundation
1345 Baseline Road
Ottawa, ON K2C 0A7


Applications meeting these established guidelines will be forwarded to the Turnbull Family for judging and the winners notified. Once the logs are received, these adventures will be featured in future Scouting Life Magazines as examples of the many exciting, outstanding outdoor adventures Scouts are enjoying across the country.

Area Honours and Awards 2009/2010



  Certificates of Commendation    


Brooks-Jesse, Leslie                                                             


Buchmayer, Bonnie                                                                                                   


Budarick, Ken                                                                        


Cheng, Chuang                                                                      

Dixon, Andrew                                                                        

Doucette, Jeff


Eden, Chris 

Edwards, John                                                                       


Frederick, David                                                                     


Kersey, Kelly                                                                          


Klynkramer, David                   

Kowalchyk, Bill                                                                       


Kuemmling, Alisa


McCarthy, Kelly


McDonough, Jason


Meehan, Nancy


Norton, Blake


Power, Phil


Rice, Bill


Richardson, Andrew


Smith, David


Valderrama, Israel


 Medal of Merit


Hunt, Greg


Smith, David


 Medal for Good Service


Harris, Michael


Certificates of Appreciation


Budarick, Kenny


Klynkramer, Sarah


Meehan, William


Richardson, Nicole



Burl-Oak Cuboree 2011


What: Weekend camp in tents for all cubs in the Burlington and Oakville areas.  We expect over 300 youth to come out and enjoy a weekend full of fun events.  This years theme will be Science Fiction and we encourage all packs to create costumes and decorate their campsite for the weekend.

Who: Open to all packs in the Burlington and Oakville areas.  If your pack does not camp, this is an excellent opporunity to come out and learn from those that do!  All cub age youth are welcome.  Each pack is responsible for ensuring they have adequate adult supervision (min 1 adult per 6 youth).

Why: TO HAVE FUN!, make new friends, learn new games and enjoy new experiences!

When: From 7:00 pm Friday, June 3rd until 11:30 am Sunday, June 5th.  The camp will be open from 2:00pm Friday for thsoe groups wishing tome come up early and set up tents and arrange their camp.

Where: CAMP MANITOU (Derry Rd & Guelph Line area)

Attention all cub packs!    CUBOREE MEETING DATE CHANGE!!
We’ve had to change the date for our next planning meeting due to room availability!  It has moved to Wednesday, Feb 23 at 7:30PM. Please ensure you have a representative from your pack at the meeting. It is critical this year that we determine our expected attendance at this meeting. We are expecting the numbers to be much lower and need to work to control the budget.
If anyone has any questions please contact Doug Entwistle at dougentwistle@hotmail.com or 905-333-9786.

Doug Entwistle
Co chair 2011 Cuboree

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